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Born and raised in Nebraska I have valued independence and self-sustainability since an early age. Growing up on our family farm I had a great work ethic instilled in me since day one. I had the natural desire to learn and figure out how things works. This desire led me down the path to my engineering and design background. I have degrees in Manufacturing Engineering and Computer Programming. These skills pair well with the ever-evolving renewable energy space, which I have been involved in since 2012. I have designed and helped build solar energy systems ranging in size from 100 watts to 300 megawatts.

Project Examples:

  • Residential Grid-Tied Solar Systems

    • Roof Mounted​

    • Ground Mounted

    • Battery Backup

  • Residential Off-grid Solar Systems

  • Commercial & Agriculture Grid-Tied Solar Systems

  • Utility Scale Grid-Tied Solar Systems

    • Fixed Tilt​

    • Single-axis Tracker

  • Solar Powered Pond Aeration​

  • RV Solar Power Systems

  • Tiny House Solar Power Systems

  • Portable Solar Powered Job Site Trailers

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